Tuesday, July 1, 2008

finished! good riddens

My Chemo Journey has ended! I had my last session yesterday. We had a big posse of people along for the ride. My father in law, roger, came up from Redlands, CA, as well as my parents from Saint Louis. Then of course, there was Brett and I. The chemo went pretty quickly. Unfortunately, the rest of the day took a downturn. one of the drugs I was given cause fevers in patients. I hadn't be getting them, because another drug, i just stopped taking (by doc instructions) suppressed the reaction in me. So, basically, now that I stopped taking the supressor drug, and got my chemo drug, I was totally in fever land. my temp reached 103.4 around 5pm. it was awful. We were really close to going to the emergency room, but the on call doc's told us to just take benedryl and tylenol. it worked and after a whole day of sleeping i'm somewhat back to normal. I hope that's the last of it. thank god it's over!!!!

now, three weeks until radiation. I promise i'll write more later. I'm heading out to enjoy the day with the family. thank you all again!


Patty said...

So glad to hear the chemos over Catherine!
Thinking of you and hope to see you soon :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations on chemo completion Catherine. We are thinking of you! Best, Pasquale and Julie xox