Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Day After

So, this is my first day after chemo. I feel a bit run down. nothing feels different to me. I think the sleeping pills are kicking my ass, cause i've been able to sleep, which i hear is a really good thing. This week they decided to give me dosages of half the cocktail of drugs: of all things to make me nauseas. luckily, they also give you tons of drugs to help you deal with that. I am feeling comfortable. I also decided to take a shot of a drug called Lupron. this drug will put my ovaries into sleep mode. it's just an extra precausion for me to preserve my fertility. no one is really clear that it works. the problem with any kind of fertility testing is that their just is no way to know who was fertile before all of this happens. since there is no time to test you, we just add it to the big list of unknowns that i'm about to experiment with. Some people choose to freeze their eggs. unfortunately for me, there was no time to do this. It is my choice in the long run whether or not to wait the 1-2 months it would take to harvest eggs, but during that time my bulky disease might have put me at more risk. right now it is about saving me first.

Sunday, some friends gathered at my house for a little send off party. check it out. i just want to thank everyone who was there. i am so blessed to have such a great crowd of people surrounding me through out all of this. wish all my friends and family could have been there.

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