Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Three Down

Hi everyone! So, three weeks of chemo is up! I managed to raise my white blood counts up quite a bit, so they were able to give me my chemo that I was supposed to get last week. I actually had to go in for 2 days this week. I have to do that three times throughtout all these treatments. Only three weeks in and I'm definitely beginning to feel the effects of how arduous and overwhelming this process is and will be. It sometimes amazes me that I have cancer and that I have all these toxin's in my body that are supposed to (and will) fix me! Unbelievable! It is pretty unsettling.

On another note, Brett and I just rented this new movie (I put a link on my site) called Crazy Sexy Cancer. It's a great documentary of a woman who has been diagnosed with an incurable slow going cancer. If any of you are interested, it's pretty inspirational. I will also be posting more sites to my blog as I find them (in the top right corner of the blog). Check any of them out, they may provide some great insight. I've found that it's quite tempting to get on-line and scour the internet looking for anything out there related to this illness and not all of it is good for you to hear. I think we all fall into the internet research trap. It's really easy to do. But, the internet is also filled with a lot of mis-information from people who are only giving their own opinions or experience or information that has not been updated in years. Be careful out there.

A few more things. If any of you wish to be emailed everytime I update my blog, you can scoll down to the bottom of this blog and click the link that says, subscribe to.

Also, thank you all for all you well-wishes through all of this. I know that there are a lot of people that I haven't had the chance to get back to, but just know that your thoughts are with me and I appreciate my support group and the love that I receive from you.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, friend. You're in our thoughts. Hope this blog is helping you.

-- Scott and Tara K

Anonymous said...

you rock catherine! love the hawk too..


jenifer said...

looove yooooooooooo lady catherine!!! sending you big giant hugs and kisses today.. xo.. jenifer