Friday, April 11, 2008

The White Rabbit

Well, i've made it to Day 5 after chemo. it's a total adventure anticipating all the nuances that my body is becoming accustomed to because of these drugs. For the first few days I was pretty tired. I figured out it was one of the drugs I was taking and cut back a bit. Take a gandor at these drugs. I am now officially a pill popper. I actually have been quite lucky so far, no major nausea. Yesterday I even had enough energy to get myself to the gym and get back on the treadmill to run for a good 30 minutes. it felt great! We had an amazing meal hand delivered to us from our friends amelia and ben on tuesday night after the chemo. What a relief not to cook.

As the days have passed by this week, i've still not yet become accustomed to not working. I'm trying to relax and veg and take advantage of being at home. But, every once in a while, the cancer realization creeps back in and I'm reminded how lucky I am to be in a place where I can be treated and loved so much. It certainly does make time stand still and put things into perspective.

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