Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shave it Down!

Well, the fourth week has been somewhat uneventful. I suppose that's not too bad a thing? Brett and I had a great weekend out of town celebrating our 3 year anniversary. It was so nice to be away from that TV! My friend Melissa took me to this week's chemo session and it flew by. The doctor's appointment was quick and because of that they let me get chemo 3 hours early! What a relief, sometimes I feel like I'm there all day (which I'm normally am)! Also, a big thanks goes out to a few more peops; to Rachel and Dave for an amazing meal last night! and a friend, John brought over some great lasagne on Monday night from him and his wife Helen. And a big thanks to Joan for all the beautiful hats she gave me from her collection! I will send along photos in the next few days. They are fabulous! and much needed.

Brett and I shaved off the rest of the hair after chemo on Monday. It was time to say goodbye to the rest of the hair! It was a bit sad at first, but what's sadder, pulling chunks out of your hair and looking sickly by having patchy head or actually sanding it down to stubble and rockin the do?! I'm for rocking the sinade o'connor look. How many times do you get to do that in a lifetime? (Hopefully once for me). Even though I will be hitting that mohawk again I'm not sure I'm the shaved head type of girl!

Will write more very soon! and send along some pics of my hair.


jenifer said...

Hey Catherine! sending you a biiiiiig giiant hug and kiss! Happy aniversary.. love Jen

kiwigurl said...

mmmm i love shaved heads i think their sexy..sending love and energy your way ...your very wayward friend *wilma